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October 28, 2016
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October 28, 2016

Kitchen Fever Crazy Chef

Quench your Kitchen Fever with Crazy Chef Master cooking game

Everybody loves cooking both girls and boys, cooking food in the kitchen is a fun job to do. Some girls help their mom in cooking whereas boys cook for fun and delicious taste. Same cooking experience your are going to experience in this time management game,there is going to be a big rush of customers soon, it will be challenging for you to serve them timely and fulfill their appetite some customers are going to be very hungry you gotta serve them early otherwise they might get angry. So, its time to sharpen your cooking skills and settle down your cooking fever, you will be serving your customers with variety of tasty food, you will be frying seafood, serving customers with hot and crispy burgers, french fries, hot dogs, drinks, coffee, steaks,ham burgers,pizzas, crispy chicken,salads, and much more. Be an expert cooking chef and fulfill the customers demands before the time runs out. Various kind of sweet & yummy bakery items like pastries,cupcakes, donuts etc are special desserts of crazy chef restaurant. Time to quench your kitchen fever, like a big restaurant you will be offering your customers with healthy,nutritious & organic breakfast cafe food lunch, dinner and midway deals.


  • 45 challenging & addictive levels to play
  • varying customers
  • Varying demands
  • Varying Serving Time
  • Food to be cooked on time
  • Burned food will be thrown into trash bin
  • Serve the customers within time

So be a master cook and cook some delicious and mouth watering deals, play our other girls games and free games, rate us give your feedback at