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October 28, 2016
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October 28, 2016

School Trip Games for Kids

It’s summer time and school has arranged a trip to green mountains valley for summer camp and other fun activities. Lots of cool kids have enrolled themselves in the trip list to play summer games.

In this kids game you will have the opportunity to get the little Jack ready for the school trip. The school bus will be ready at school for children to board in for an amazing journey. Getting ready for school is a tough job, but if their is a school trip ahead going to school gets quite easier for the kids. Kids play home school or anywhere they go, so it’s easier to convince them to go to school to play games.

Well in order to get Jack ready, you will be giving him a nice bath for that you will have shampoo and soap to wash him properly after that you will be brushing the little kid’s teeth once the Jack gets clean you will be helping him to eat his fresh and healthy breakfast. After that you will be ironing clothes and dressing him up. Once you will be done with these activities it will be time to go to school.

Teacher will board in all the students and will take the school bus to the mountain hills, after reaching at spot kids will be involved in various fun activities. Teacher will take the kids to the mountain top and will ask school kids to jump wearing a parachute. All the kids will go through this amazing phase. Kids will be fishing in the lake, will set fire and will be involved in making camp. Isn’t it a fun picnic school game for girls & kids, so, let’s play with your friends and enjoy.
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