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October 28, 2016
Kitchen Fever Crazy Chef
October 28, 2016

Village Farm Family Farmers

David has a beautiful farm family which consists of her wife Mona, Daughter Lisa & a sweet and cute son Jack.

Farm life is tough simple but healthy and clean, living away from the town in the village is a very nice experience, David’s family has a beautiful farm house in the far away village to spend their summer vacations and to enjoy healthy & fresh food. David has a very big and vast farm house housing a barn full of cows for fresh milk horses to ride on hen to eat eggs for breakfast, various kind of flowers & fruits gardens, vegetable farms, it also has a mini supermarket where David sells his farm’s fresh fruits and vegetable which travel to the markets in the city and around the town. There is also a beautiful lake for water supply to the farms & gardens which can also be used as a swimming pool. It sounds like a luxury resort but it takes immense effort to Davids little farmers to maintain the beauty and growth of their farm house.

Farmhouse sounds awesome but there is a problem every summer tornado hits the village really bad this year you will have to help out the David’s family to make everything right and to care all the cultivations.

As a farmer you will be farming watermelons in the garden, you will be sowing seeds in the soil and watering them to grow big. House will be in very messy condition you will be adjusting things moping cleaning and fixing the windows. Washing the farm animals, cleaning up the pool for fishes to stay healthy renovating the house. You will be growing flowers and planting fruits. David also got a super tractor which might need your help you will be washing, cleaning the tractor body and fixing the engine. So there are a lot of fun activities to do in the farm. Let’s be a best farmer in town and make your day a happy day by helping David’s family in farming, garden makeover and home cleaning.
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